Three Secrets To Creating Stunning Wedding Invitations


The one thing that no bride or groom wants their wedding invitations to be is unmemorable. Bland and boring wedding invitations do little to showcase the personality of the bride and groom and do nothing in terms of getting guests excited for the biggest day of their life.

Creating stunning and memorable wedding invitations does take a bit of planning and forethought, but any bride and groom can design, craft and create gorgeous and unique wedding invitations. Here’s how:

1. Whatever You Do, Make it about You

The number one mistake that brides and grooms often make when creating wedding invitations is that they choose an invitation style that does not reflect their own personality. Regardless of how beautiful the wedding invitation may be, if it does not showcase who the bride and groom are either individually or as a couple, it will not leave a long lasting impression on your guests.

Creating invitations that are a reflection of the couple does not need to be a complicated task. When planning these invitations, consider:

  • Shared interests
  • Shared preferences
  • Sharing what makes your love unique
  • Sharing a special memory (such as the first time you met, where you first kissed, etc.)

The best way to craft these types of invitations is to choose a DIY invitation kit, such as those offered by Pure Invitation. These kits come with blueprints for how to put the cards together and provide all of the necessary embellishments. Brides and grooms can then add their own little tweaks to create completely customized wedding invitations without needing to spend a fortune on them.

2. Choose the Right Font

The font or fonts used do play a large role in the readability and the enjoyment of your invitation.

  • For more formal affairs, consider choosing elegant script fonts such as Spenserian Scripts, calligraphy fonts, and the classic cursive handwriting fonts. Make sure that the print is large enough for your guests to easily read the information.
  • For less formal weddings, a casual script or handwriting font will work best. Brides and grooms often scan their own handwriting and then apply these to their DIY invitations

A hot trend in the wedding industry is mixing fancy fonts with plain fonts. When well planned, the pairing of the two will deliver eye-catching results which will be sure to impress your guests.

3. Writing Invitations which Reflect You

If you are throwing a traditional wedding, playing by the book may work well for you. But for those who want a more personalized wedding invitation, toss out the rulebook on how wedding invitations should be written. The tone and the language used should reflect how the bride and groom naturally speak. Otherwise, the invitation will feel foreign or even fake to the guests who will be receiving them.

Finally, when writing your invitations, keep the text short and simple. Every sentence should contain no more than ten words, and the lines of text should be arranged in a way that the information flows naturally and is easy to understand.

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