Romantic Necklace Engraving To Personalize Your Valentine’s Day Gift


It may be Valentine’s Day, her birthday, or anniversary; you can always impress your girlfriend with a stylish and trendy necklace. You also have option to decide the size, design, style and metal of the necklace to suit your budget. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the selected necklace is complimenting the appearance and lifestyle of your girlfriend.

However, you can make the jewelry gift unique and more personalized by getting it engraved. You may be buying an expensive gold necklace or an inexpensive sterling silver pendant and chain ; the engraving will add a special meaning to your gift while having an enormous impact on her heart. Also, you have option to consider several engraving ideas to make your gift more personalized and romantic.

Her Name: Engraving your girlfriend’s name on the necklace may sound simple, but the same can also be meaningful and poignant. When you engrave her name on the jewelry piece, it will make her realize that the necklace is exclusively for her. It is also a good idea to engrave both your names to convey your commitment to the relationship. Also, you can engrave the word “forever” after or underneath your name to convey the message that you are committed to her till your last breath.

Convey Your Love and Appreciation: Engraving the necklace further allows you to convey your romantic feelings for her. You can simply compose or pick a message that expresses your feelings, and get it engraved on the jewelry to impress your sweetheart. In addition to conventional love messages like “I love you” and “Forever Yours”, you can also consider engraving something specific that will have a special romantic appeal to her. It is also a good idea to compose an original and personal message that will convey your true and heartily feelings to her.

Use Famous Words: If you find it a daunting challenge to compose a love message in your own words, it is advisable to use the famous quotes and word. A simple web search will fetch you numerous love quotes and messages. But you must read the word and evaluate its romantic appeal. If you know her favorite author or poet, it is a good idea to pick words of the personality. Also, you can consider engraving inspiration quotes of world famous personality to motivate her through your gift.

Remember Something from Past: While evaluating the necklace engraving ideas, you can consider something makes her remember your personal bond or something that has an emotional appeal for both. For instance, you can engrave a joke that you shared during the initial stages of your relationship. Similarly, the engraving can also make her remember the first place you traveled together or the movie that your enjoyed watching together. The personal messages will be effective in conveying your happiness and care.

Once you pick the love message or quote, the same can be engraved by a jeweler. Many stores dealing in sterling silver wholesale and retail jewelries also engrave the pieces for some extra fees.

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