Sparkle like a Pearl

The best feeling is actually seeing your mom in the sidelines as you try your best to smile and do your best in performing your cheerleading dance routine! Nothing in this world can come close to having the most supportive mom ever. She constantly looks after me wherever I am. When I was a little girl, she got me the best childcare and sent me to a good foundation school in Japan. She was a working mom with a few businesses of her own that she manages really well. She was constantly traveling but I totally understood because I know that she is doing it all so I could have a better future. Now that we live in Los Angeles, she dedicates most of her time with me to make up for the lost time. I am enjoying every minute of it. We go on mother-daughter dates and we shop for our favorite makeup brands. One time, she told me that I will shine like a pearl someday and I believe her.

Now that I am 16, my mom allows me to use makeup and wear them every day. But it is not just an ordinary makeup. It is something that is made especially for kids. I and my friends actually use it every time we have a cheer competition at school. I must say that it is the best cheer competition makeup I have ever worn. Gen Glitter that they have is the best hair and body glitter that is not sticky. It is lightweight and adds more attitude and sparkle to every place I want to highlight. For my eyes and cheeks, they have the best eye and cheek palette that constantly reminds me of what my mom told me – that I could shine like a pearl someday. The shades have shimmers and it is actually a collection of six eyeshadows in finishes ranging from amped-up sparkle to dialed-down satins, plus a super pretty blush and highlighter, to give eyes and cheeks the ultimate sheer wash of color.  It has a custom sized applicator that is mess-free and looks adorably cute.

I actually use this every time I have dance recital at school too. I gained so much confidence and excelled in dance and people always compliment me that I have the best dance recital makeup. Basically, I use it every day but it makes me stand out literally anywhere. The boys even started to notice me. I used to be plain and simple but now I am more confident and I can carry myself anywhere. Because of this makeup, I see myself differently and I want to share this to everyone who is struggling with their self-esteem. It is the best teen makeup and the safest as it is developed paraben-free. Wearing them every day makes me feel proud of what I have accomplished in the past few years. I sort of struggled with gaining my confidence but now I am free of worries and so is my mom. I can confidently say that I have sparkled like a pearl in my very own special way because of Petite n’ Pretty’s dedication and passion in developing awesome and safe makeup for every girl out there.

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